of the letters of the tide

Mostafa Ahmed14 March 2023Last update: XNUMX weeks ago

of the letters of the tide

The answer is: An alif consonant with a vowel before it, a consonant with a broken consonant before it, and a consonant with a compound consonant before it..

The long letters are the alif, the waw and the yaa, which are fixed letters and do not carry any movement on them. We must know the meaning of tidal and the purpose of using tidal letters. A madd is a prolongation in the pronunciation of a letter if it is followed by one of the letters of the madd. It uses long vowels to add rhythm and beautiful tone to pronunciation. To teach the vowel letters to children, simple examples and exercises can be used that help them understand the concept and deal with these letters with confidence and smoothness. It should not be forgotten that the long letters come together in the middle and at the end of the word, and do not come at the beginning of it. The letter that precedes the long letter is called the extended letter. Learning the vowels will help children in correct pronunciation and clear expression of their thoughts.

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