One of the conditions for accepting worship

Mostafa Ahmed14 March 2023Last update: XNUMX weeks ago

One of the conditions for accepting worship

The answer is: Sincerity to God Almighty, follow-up to the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him

Devotion to God Almighty is one of the most important conditions for acceptance of worship. A Muslim must perform his worship of God alone, without being influenced by any external motives, whether material or social. Sincerity makes the servant work with sincerity and faith, thus achieving inner peace and psychological satisfaction. This helps the Muslim to continue and improve worship, because he knows that it will lead him to the last if he is sincere in his sincerity. Therefore, every Muslim must be keen on sincerity in all his worship, and trust that God will accept it and reward him for it.

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