What happens when a net force acts on a body

Mostafa Ahmed14 March 2023Last update: XNUMX weeks ago

What happens when a net force acts on a body?

The answer is: The body accelerates


When a net force acts on an object, the object is moving at an increased speed. Acceleration increases in the direction of motion until the body reaches the required velocity. This means that the body needs force to start moving and change its speed. But if the force on the object stops, then it will continue to move at a constant speed, unless external forces act on it. This is why it is called a "resultant force", because it represents a set of forces that act on an object to give it motion. In other words, the object responds to all net forces acting on it in a specific way. This useful information may help a person understand the world we live in and how to deal with the forces around us.

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