Symmetry type of nematodes and flatworms

Mostafa Ahmed14 March 2023Last update: XNUMX weeks ago

Symmetry type of nematodes and flatworms

The answer is:  Lateral symmetry

Roundworms and flatworms are characterized by a kind of lateral symmetry, as their body consists of a three-layered cell wall, and is mostly long and tubular in shape. This type of symmetry is very similar to flatworms, and therefore both nematodes and flatworms are considered a separate phylum of organisms that share the characteristic of lateral symmetry. By looking at it and studying it, it is possible to know different types of animals that exist in nature and are characterized by similar lateral symmetry. Therefore, this beautiful species must be preserved and these small organisms should be taken care of, which contribute to preparing the soil and improving the surrounding environment.

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