The difference between coriander and parsley

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The difference between coriander and parsley

Parsley and coriander are both leafy plants that belong to the same plant family, Apiaceae. However, each has a unique scent that distinguishes it from the other. Parsley, scientifically known as Petroselinum crispum, has slightly pointed leaves, while the leaves of coriander, or Coriandrum sativum, tend to be round. People often use sellers to differentiate between the two types because they are very similar in appearance.

The difference between coriander and parsley

The most notable differences between parsley and coriander are as follows:
Color: Parsley appears light green, while coriander is dark green.
– Smell: Parsley has a pungent smell, while the smell of coriander is less intense.
– Sticks: Parsley sticks are shorter and less sturdy compared to coriander sticks, which are longer and more sturdy.
– Leaf size: Parsley leaves are wider while coriander leaves come in smaller sizes.

The difference between coriander and parsley

The difference between coriander and parsley in terms of smell

Coriander has a strong, distinct aroma that differs from parsley, which has a lighter scent. To extract the optimal fragrance from coriander or parsley leaves, they can be gently rubbed between the fingers.

The difference between coriander and parsley in terms of taste

When tasting parsley and coriander, we find clear differences in taste. Parsley is known for its mild flavor that adds a touch of freshness and liveliness to dishes without overpowering its main ingredients. As for coriander, it has a distinctive and strong flavor that tends to be lemony, and some people may not like it because they find that it has a soap-like taste.

In food preparation, parsley is an ideal choice to improve the taste of meals without negatively affecting the overall taste. On the other hand, coriander should be handled with caution, due to its strong flavor that may overpower other flavors. It is particularly suitable for spicy dishes such as Indian or Chinese recipes that require ingredients with a strong character.

The difference between coriander and parsley in terms of uses

Parsley leaves and roots are distinguished by their ability to add delicious taste and attractive appearance to dishes. Parsley leaves are chopped and sprinkled directly over hot foods to enhance their flavour, while the roots are added to soups and stews to enrich them with depth of taste and nutrients. Parsley can also be consumed as a light and useful green meal.

As for coriander, it is considered an essential addition to improve the flavor of various dishes, and not only that, but flavors are extracted from it to prepare fragrant tea. Coriander seeds are also roasted and ground to prepare curry powder, which in turn is used to season foods and improve their taste.

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