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My experience with the military course for women

One woman had her personal experience with a military course for women, and it was an experience of great importance and benefit to her. Looking at the online data, it turns out that the military course for women is a 14-week training program aimed at preparing women to work in the Saudi Armed Forces.

Women wishing to join the military course face some requirements and conditions. Among these conditions is possession of Saudi citizenship and permanent residency on the territory of the Kingdom. Therefore, women interested in applying for the course need to meet these specific requirements.

The young woman submitted her application to Public Security after job opportunities in the military course did not become available until a year and a half after she submitted her application. She talked about her experience during the application and training stages, where she faced difficulties with the grueling physical endurance and psychological pressures during the training period.

This type of training may raise questions for some women, and among these questions may be the rise in estrogen and its effect on the body. There are also inquiries about the effect of Clomen pills on hormones, especially for women who suffer from menstrual cycle problems and delayed pregnancy.

It should be noted that the military course for women is very famous and is considered an important and unique experience that qualifies young women to join the army or police, in order to develop their skills and build their personality as a military female. But on the other hand, there are other jobs in civilian fields that may be more comfortable and safe, such as teaching.

Some see the military experience for women as a challenge that men do not experience, and they believe that it is not just a game. But it must be recognized that the military course is a valuable opportunity to develop physical strength and build self-confidence, taking into account that it requires a lot of work and endurance.

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Benefits of the military course for women

The Saudi Armed Forces made a decision to provide military courses for women with the aim of developing their skills and raising their level to work in military jobs and ranks in a decent manner. The ranks for women now include soldier and private, and they can also be promoted to the rank of corporal, sergeant, and deputy sergeant.

Military courses for women last 14 weeks and are comprehensive training programs to prepare them to work in the Saudi Defense Forces. The course includes training in a variety of military, technical and tactical skills and knowledge.

Participants in this course have benefited from many benefits. It contributed to raising their professional level and providing the necessary training to develop their leadership and collaborative capabilities. Moreover, the military for women contributes to enhancing the societal role of women and enabling them to work and serve the nation.

In addition, the military course provides women with important economic opportunities, as female enrollees are employed upon graduation in various military sectors. The concerned authorities stress that military service will reflect positively on women's careers and will contribute to strengthening the national economy in general.

Accordingly, this military course is organized for all newcomers to military courses, as all military sectors seek to achieve unified goals by training female entrants in the necessary skills and enhancing their military capabilities.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia witnessed the graduation of the first female military batch after they passed the training course, which lasted for 14 weeks. The graduates were placed in various sectors of the armed forces in preparation for the start of their military service.

Documents required to apply for the military course for women

First, the applicant must have a high school graduation certificate authenticated by a stamp from the Saudi Ministry of Education. Medical documents proving the applicant's physical and psychological health must also be submitted.

Secondly, you must submit an application form to join the job, which must contain all the required data and be stamped.

Third, a certificate of completion of secondary education must be presented with the Ministry’s stamp on it.

The applicant must also present the original civil ID card to verify her identity.

In addition, the applicant must perform a chest and lung examination to ensure the safety of the respiratory system.

In order to organize all the required documents and papers, they must be arranged and collected to be presented in the appropriate manner.

The required papers also include bringing 6 clear personal photos of the applicant, sized 4 x 6 and in a modern color.

The original civil status card must also be attached and submitted with the rest of the documents.

It should be noted that the national ID card must be valid when applying.

In addition, the applicant must have a height-weight ratio, as the height must not be less than 160 cm.

The procedures also require that the applicant not have previous experience in military service in another institution, and that her service there has ended before applying for the official military job.

In addition, the applicant must obtain the academic qualifications required for the desired position.

Finally, the applicant must not be married to a non-Saudi, must not have a record of dismissal from the military sectors, and must not have previously joined military service.

Is mobile phones allowed in the military course for women?

The use of mobile phones in the military course for women is strictly prohibited. Strict military regulations prohibit students from carrying electronic devices during training, such as cell phones, cameras, recording devices, and other devices.

Respecting these military laws and regulations is one of the important things that male and female students must have and be subject to military discipline after receiving appropriate training. Therefore, women wishing to join the Saudi Armed Forces must be prepared to comply with the laws and regulations governing this military course.

The main goal of the military course for women is to prepare them to work in the Saudi Armed Forces. This course lasts for 14 weeks, and includes a set of military exercises and obligatory duties for male and female students. They are also subject to military sanctions regimes in the event of major military felonies.

Those wishing to register for a military course for women are requested to review the conditions required for this enrollment, which mainly include obtaining Saudi citizenship and permanent residency in the Kingdom. It is also prohibited to carry electronic devices, including mobile phones, and all female students are required to adhere to military discipline and comply with applicable laws and regulations during the training period.

How tall is required in the military course for women?

A woman wishing to apply to the military must be between 21 and 27 years old. The conditions also specify that the minimum weight be between 44 and 58.5 kilograms, and the required height be between 152 and 165 cm.

As for the training course for women, there is no precise definition of the duration of the course. However, the training course for men is often longer than the training course for women and takes about nine months of training. A period of 14 weeks, equivalent to 3 and a half months, can be considered an appropriate period for a woman to train.

It is also noted that there are additional conditions for joining the Saudi military, such as the need for a high school diploma or equivalent academic qualification. The applicant must also hold an independent national identity card.

How much weight is required in the military course for women?

The weight required in the military course for women is determined based on age and height. For example, if a woman is between 21 and 27 years old and is at least 160 cm tall, the weight should be between 50 and 67 kg.

For women who want to attend military colleges, the required weight varies slightly higher. For example, if the weight is between 47 and 68 kilograms, the height must be 155 cm, while if the weight is between 50 and 72 kilograms, the height must be at least 160 cm.

It is important that candidates adhere to the health conditions specified by the Armed Forces. Once they pass all admission procedures and tests according to the specified conditions, they will be able to enroll in the military course and have the opportunity to gain the necessary skills and experience.

Of course, weight is important in the military course as an individual needs to have the necessary physical ability to handle the demands of military service. Therefore, specific weight requirements are put in place to ensure that candidates can withstand the physical stresses associated with military service.

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What is the medical examination for the military course for women?

The military course is a real opportunity for women who want to join the armed forces to fulfill their dream and serve their country. In order to ensure their ability to perform military duties and tasks efficiently and safely, female applicants for the military course must pass a medical examination.

The medical examination for women in the military course includes several aspects, starting with a visual examination to ensure the strength and safety of vision. A physical fitness examination is also performed, which includes measuring height and weight and ensuring that they are balanced together. In addition, infectious skin diseases or deformities that may affect the applicant's physical and health ability are detected.

As for medical tests, it includes examining the kidneys using ultrasound and examining the lungs to ensure their safety. Special eye examinations are also performed to verify that there are no vision-related diseases.

On the other hand, a systemic examination of the female reproductive system is also carried out in particular. This includes a breast examination to detect any abnormal changes, and a pelvic examination is also performed if circumstances require it and according to the applicant’s desire.

Furthermore, the medical examination for the women's military course takes the student to a dermatologist to check for skin diseases, previous surgery, or bacterial infection.

The applicant's final medical examination is organized based on a variety of symptoms and tests, including personal interviews, medical and laboratory examinations. The applicant must not suffer from any diseases that prevent her from joining the military course, such as epilepsy or addiction to drugs or alcohol.

After passing all stages of the medical examination, women who win admission to the military course get the opportunity to join the armed forces and fulfill their dream of national service.

How does an applicant prepare for the military course?

The advanced courses aim to train military personnel in advanced skills such as counter-terrorism, urban warfare and special operations. In order for the applicant to be accepted into these courses, she is required to submit some documents and certificates to qualify.

Here are some steps an applicant should take to prepare for the military course:

  1. Basic Training: The applicant must pass one-soldier organized system training and be trained in military discipline. This training is considered the basis for more advanced military courses.
  2. Mechanical and shooting training: The applicant must pass a test and teach shooting at a distance of 25 meters. This training includes mechanical skills and understanding how to use weapons properly.
  3. Advanced training courses: It is recommended to participate in advanced training courses that focus on special military skills such as counter-terrorism and urban warfare. These courses are offered to improve advanced capabilities and prepare them for significant military challenges.

In addition, the applicant must attach her personal documents such as the registration document and clear, recent personal photos. You must also bring your original national ID and copies of it.

In order to enter these courses, the applicant must be in the specified age group, where the minimum age is 25 years and no more than 35 years. The applicant must also be at least 155 cm tall and have an appropriate weight for her height.

To complete the admission process, applicants must pass admission tests, which include the Advanced Infantry Course for Officers.

After completing all conditions and passing the tests, the final selection is made to participate in the advanced military course.

During the graduation ceremony of advanced and refresher military courses for security personnel and the Second Military District, Governor Commander Al-Bahsani announced that the new year will witness the selection of military attaches from among the excellent officers.

Selection takes place in two stages, starting with screening to nominate distinguished officers, then a test for the main directorates of the Military Technical College.

After qualifying applicants in the field of military and electronic management, the course is organized based on the type and number of the course. Subjects taught in the course include military and electronic management.

How long is the military course for secondary officers?

It can be said that the duration of the military course for female secondary officers varies depending on the university in which the training is received. However, most courses are offered at King Fahd Security College, where university officers are qualified.

The duration of this military course for university graduates is 29 weeks, which includes studying an intensive military curriculum consisting of 23 military subjects. After passing this course, participants are given a course completion certificate.

This course aims to qualify university officers to work in the armed forces in their various specializations. The training curricula in this course include various military aspects that help university officers acquire the necessary skills for leadership and management in the military environment.

It is worth noting that the duration of the military course for university officers may be reduced based on the approval of the head of the relevant military college. This course, which lasts for three full academic years, is considered a starting point for female university officers in their career in the military field.

Therefore, the duration of the military course for secondary officers may vary according to the relevant university and the approved training program. It is necessary to contact the universities concerned to obtain more details and information on this topic.

Are medications prohibited in the military course for women?

Despite the importance of achieving physiological and psychological stability for women during military service, there appear to be some questions about the medications allowed during this period. Women undergoing military training wonder whether medications are prohibited or not during the military training period.

There are strict instructions from the Ministry of Defense regarding prohibited items that are prohibited from being brought to military academies. This list includes perfumes, medicines, oils, smokes, rings, etc. Therefore, bringing personal medications for women to the military course may be prohibited.

However, it must be noted that in case of necessity, it is preferable to inform the relevant authorities of any medical medications that are used, so that the authorities can take the necessary precautions and provide appropriate care if necessary.

However, it is important to note that this information may vary between countries and depends on the military policies of each individual country. Therefore, general advice requires referring to the responsible authorities and reviewing the Ministry of Defense instructions and applicable local directives to know the specific rules and regulations more clearly.

On the other hand, the Saudi Armed Forces have witnessed a noticeable development recently with regard to the participation of women in the military forces. The first batch of military women in the Kingdom graduated and were placed in various sectors of the armed forces after completing a qualification course that would allow them to assume the rank of soldier. Saudi women have achieved an effective presence in the military health sector, which indicates the importance of their role and great contribution in this field.

When are the military training fees for women due?

When military course benefits for women will be available is determined based on several factors. Upon completion of the military course, the trainees receive their rewards. Financial dues are paid monthly after the trainees become active members of the armed forces.

The date of arrival of financial dues depends on the approach followed by the financial system of the Saudi Armed Forces. The financial transfer often begins after the completion of the military course and the trainees successfully fulfilling the conditions of the training program.

It is emphasized that the specific dates for downloading financial dues must be clarified through the instructions provided by the relevant official authorities, which may vary from case to case according to the requirements of each military training program.

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