Lotion to tighten the vagina after childbirth

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Lotion to tighten the vagina after childbirth

Carefree lotion Designed to care for sensitive areas, it maintains the health of the area without causing inflammation or allergies, especially at times such as the postpartum period or during the menstrual cycle. This lotion contributes to reducing vaginal dilation and removing unwanted odors by eliminating harmful bacteria and fungi. It also ensures that the natural pH balance of the vagina is maintained while taking care of beneficial bacteria.

Eucerin lotion It is the ideal choice for those who have sensitive skin and seek to tighten the vagina. Formulated with pure ingredients including foaming agents derived from natural coconut oil. This foam deeply cleanses and moisturizes the vagina without using chemicals such as soap. Natural contents such as lactic acid and chamomile extract help maintain hydration and prevent dryness and inflammation.

Binostan Haiman Feminine gel is a product that improves vaginal tightness, especially after repeated childbirth experiences that may lead to a loss of some elasticity. This gel enhances the feeling of pleasure and comfort for you and your partner during intimate times.

Binostan Haiman

Uses of Benostan Haymin

This product is ideal for women who have lost some elasticity in the vagina after childbirth, as it contributes to strengthening and tightening the vaginal muscles, which enhances the feeling of sexual pleasure for both the woman and her partner.

The product also provides additional benefits, including alleviating vaginal dryness and improving blood flow to the reproductive organs, which increases women's feelings of pleasure and sexual desire.

In addition, it contributes to accelerating the healing process and acts as an antiseptic, and its effectiveness continues for an approximate period of up to two hours after its application.

How does childbirth affect the vagina?

In some cases, the vaginal muscles are affected by the birth process, as they expand and stretch to facilitate the exit of the baby during vaginal delivery, thanks to the collagen and elastin present in its tissues. This stretching is more noticeable with the first birth, which can sometimes lead to minor tears that affect the elasticity of the vagina and its ability to fully return to its previous size.

Many women experience these changes after giving birth. Usually, symptoms ease over the next three months, but sometimes they may last up to six months or longer. Women over 35 years of age may find that these changes are more common and affecting, reducing comfort during sexual relations, and causing problems such as urinary incontinence, pelvic rigidity, organ prolapse, or pain.

Narrowing the vagina after childbirth with surgery

Vaginal tightening surgery is one of the effective ways to improve the elasticity of the genital area after childbirth. The procedure involves removing a portion of excess skin, either from the inside or around the vaginal opening, and then suturing the remaining tissue in a way that keeps the inner layers closed. It requires great care and precision from the treating physician to ensure proper wound healing.

The healing process after surgical intervention requires attention and patience, as you must avoid any activities that may put pressure or effort on the treated area for six weeks. It is also necessary to wait for a period of no less than six months after giving birth before undergoing this type of treatment to enable the body to fully recover from the effects of pregnancy and childbirth and to ensure the maintenance of general health, which contributes to the success of the surgery and achieving the desired results.

Natural ways to tighten the vagina after childbirth

To increase the elasticity of the vagina and help it return to its previous size naturally after childbirth, several techniques can be followed, such as:

Kegel exercises, which work to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and aim to simulate the process that a person does when he holds back the stream of urine. It is recommended to perform successive compressions for 4 to 5 seconds at first, then gradually increase to 10 seconds, alternating with similar rest periods. It is recommended to perform three rounds of these exercises daily. For mothers, it is beneficial to practice Kegel exercises 5 minutes a day three times throughout the day during pregnancy and postpartum periods to achieve optimal results.

Leg raising exercises, which are performed by lying down and raising the legs alternately at a straight angle upward. These exercises also entail lateral movements with the legs. It is best to repeat these movements at least five times a day for 10 minutes each time to achieve effective vaginal tightening.

In addition, yoga and Pilates are popular options for strengthening the area and improving flexibility after giving birth, including poses such as child's pose and bridge pose. It is necessary to seek guidance from a certified yoga instructor to avoid any injuries and to ensure correct performance of the exercises.

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