How to get pregnant with a tried girl

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How to get pregnant with a tried girl

The pregnancy process begins with the meeting between the sperm and the egg, and the egg always carries the X chromosome. In contrast, sperm can carry either the X chromosome or the Y chromosome.

The chromosome that the sperm transfers during fertilization plays a pivotal role in determining the sex of the baby. If the sperm carries the

Whereas if the sperm carries the Y chromosome, the fetus is male, because the fertilized egg combines the X and Y chromosomes (XY). This confirms that the father plays an essential role in determining the sex of the child at conception.

Pregnancy with a girl

Unproven theories about how to conceive a girl

Some people believe that the type of food a woman eats before pregnancy may affect determining the sex of the baby. There are those who say that increasing the amount of calcium and reducing sodium in food may help conceive a girl, while others believe that foods such as milk, chocolate, and eggs may increase the chances of conceiving a boy. However, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims, as no scientific studies have been conducted to prove the validity of these theories.

Therefore, these assumptions about the influence of diet or timing of intercourse on fetal sex determination remain uncertain. Scientific fact says that the probability of conceiving a female or male remains 50%. The methods used, such as changing the diet or choosing specific times for intercourse, remain merely personal experiments, and some may believe in their effectiveness without a scientific basis to support them.

Proven methods for determining the sex of the fetus

IVF techniques

In vitro fertilization, also known as IVF, is used to help couples conceive. This method is applied to prevent the transmission of genetic diseases. The technology also makes it possible to choose the sex of the child through genetic diagnosis before implanting the embryo in the uterus, for purposes not related to health.

To use this technique, medication is given to stimulate the ovaries to produce a larger number of eggs, unlike the normal condition that may produce one or two eggs. Egg retrieval is performed using a needle inserted through the vagina under anesthesia, accompanied by ultrasound imaging. B

After that, the husband provides a sperm sample, and all samples are transferred to the laboratory where the eggs are placed with the sperm for fertilization. Fertilized eggs turn into embryos. To determine the sex of the embryos, cells are taken from the embryos and evaluated genetically, to identify male and female embryos. After determining the gender, the couple can choose which embryo they would like to transfer to the woman's uterus for pregnancy.

Sperm separation

Flow cytometry technology is used to separate sperm and distinguish male from female. This process involves adding a dye that reacts with the DNA. By analyzing this interaction, sperm can be separated according to chromosome type, either X or Y.

The appropriate sperm is then used in intrauterine insemination, a method that may be less effective than in vitro fertilization and is not always guaranteed to be successful.

For those wishing to determine the sex of the baby, it is recommended to follow a diet that enhances the chances of conceiving a female. This diet should preferably start three months before pregnancy and include foods rich in calcium and magnesium. Among the recommended foods are milk and its derivatives, such as yogurt and unsalted cheese, in addition to white beans, chickpeas, and nuts such as pistachios and almonds.

It is also recommended to eat bread, whether brown or white, and meat cooked in healthy ways, such as boiling or grilling, without adding salt. Green vegetables and sodium-free fruits such as broccoli and kale are also good choices, as are eggs, especially the yolks. Grilled fish is another healthy option to include in your diet.

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