Cod liver oil for hair

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Cod liver oil for hair

Cod liver oil contains elements that greatly benefit hair, as it provides vitamins such as vitamin A and D to the follicles, which enhances their health and makes the hair grow with a shiny and durable appearance. When you use cod liver oil continuously, whether by taking a teaspoon daily or as a capsule, hair loss gradually stops and new follicles appear that fill the gaps in the scalp.

Cod liver oil for hair

What is cod liver oil

Cod liver oil capsules consist of specific cod liver extracts, and should not be confused with fish oil, which is usually taken from the meat of other types of fish, such as salmon and herring. These capsules are rich in essential nutrients that benefit the body in general and hair health in particular. These nutrients include:

Omega 3: It is considered one of the main fatty acids that the body needs. This element has a prominent role in several functions, including reducing inflammation, lowering blood cholesterol levels, improving memory and concentration, and alleviating depression and stress, in addition to its effectiveness in strengthening hair and improving skin health.

Vitamin D: It ranks highly among vitamins due to its importance in promoting healthy bones, hair and nails. This vitamin contributes to improving the body's ability to absorb calcium and supports the normal growth of hair and nails.

Vitamin A: It is a powerful antioxidant vitamin that helps fight free radicals within the body, which works to delay signs of aging and maintain youth for a longer period. In addition, vitamin A is particularly beneficial for hair and skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use cod liver pills for hair

When using cod liver supplements, it is important to adhere to the instructions mentioned on the package and be careful not to exceed the maximum recommended doses. Cod liver oil contains high levels of vitamins A and D, and excess of them may lead to side effects related to toxicity, so consumption must be careful and moderate.

As for vitamins, men need 900 micrograms of vitamin A daily, and 700 micrograms for women. As for vitamin D, it is recommended to take 600 international units daily for those under the age of seventy.

Benefits of cod liver oil for the skin

Cod liver oil contributes effectively to improving skin health, as it works to renew cells and remove dead skin, which adds freshness to the skin and makes it appear more vibrant.

This oil also reduces skin infections and fights problems such as acne and wrinkles that appear with age. In addition, it helps reduce leukotriene enzyme levels, which benefits the skin by protecting it from dryness.

Cod liver oil is also useful in treating some skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema. This oil helps unify skin tone, treats dark spots and blackheads, in addition to reducing the appearance of freckles. It also stimulates blood circulation, which gives the skin additional protection and increases its freshness and beauty.

Risks of using cod liver oil

Multiple health risks arise from excessive use of cod liver oil, especially due to the high content of vitamin A in it, which, when taken in excess of the recommended amount, may cause serious harm, including congenital deformities of fetuses in the mothers’ wombs. It is important for pregnant women to be very careful when consuming this oil to avoid these harms.

Eating cod liver oil in large quantities may also lead to health problems such as lack of appetite, weight loss, and heart arrhythmia, due to the abundance of vitamin D found in the oil.

Also, excessive consumption of this oil may contribute to high levels of calcium in the blood, resulting in calcification in tissues and blood vessels, and this situation increases the risk of developing kidney stones. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor before starting to take cod liver oil to avoid these side effects.

Cod liver oil for pregnant women

Pregnant or breastfeeding women are advised to avoid consuming large amounts of cod liver oil that exceed 3000 micrograms of vitamin A and 100 micrograms of vitamin D, due to the potential risks to health during these periods.

For diabetics, conservative consumption of cod liver oil should be monitored as it may affect blood sugar levels, which may lead to unwanted disorders.

What are the drug interactions of cod liver pills?

It is important to provide the doctor or pharmacist with a complete list of the medications, herbs, vitamins and nutritional supplements the patient is taking before starting any type of treatment.

There are several medications that should be avoided in conjunction with other medications to prevent interactions that may pose a risk:

In the case of blood pressure lowering medications, such as cod liver oil, which lowers blood pressure, using it with other blood pressure lowering medications may cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and negatively affect the patient's health.

As for anticoagulants and antiplatelet agents, taking them together can increase the risk of bleeding.

The difference between fish oil and cod liver oil

Fish oil and cod liver oil supplements are both rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids, but they each come from a different source. Fish oil is extracted from fatty species of fish such as tuna, herring, mackerel and salmon, while cod liver oil is specifically extracted from the liver of cod found in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. In addition, cod liver oil not only contains omega-3 acids, but also contains vitamin D and vitamin A, which makes it doubly beneficial.

Although these supplements are generally considered safe to use, it is always recommended to consult a doctor before starting to take them to prevent possible side effects. Therefore, these nutritional supplements provide important support for the health of the body, provided that they are verified as appropriate for your specific health condition.

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