Best contraceptive pills

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Best contraceptive pills

Yasmin contraceptive pills are characterized by containing hormonal components similar to the natural hormones in a woman’s body, which makes them less likely to cause side effects compared to other types. Its use begins from the seventh day of the menstrual cycle and continues for 21 days, with a break, and then the process is repeated. These pills may cause some effects, such as feeling tired and pain in the breasts.

As for Microlut pills, they contain only synthetic progesterone, and are preferred during breastfeeding because they do not affect milk production. These pills are taken daily for 28 days without interruption, and you must adhere to taking them at the same time every day to ensure their full effect. But it can cause acne or increase hair growth.

Cerazette pills, which contain only the hormone progesterone, work efficiently without negatively affecting the weight or natural hormonal status of the woman. These pills are used throughout the month, including the days of the menstrual cycle. If a dose is missed, the next doses should be resumed normally.

Genera pills contain both the hormones progesterone and estrogen and are not the ideal choice for slimming due to the presence of estrogen. These pills are used from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle for 21 days. These pills may affect mood due to hormonal changes. However, they are safe during breastfeeding and help prevent some diseases such as uterine cancer.

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Ways to prevent weight gain while taking birth control pills

There is no conclusive evidence confirming the effect of birth control pills on weight change directly. However, some women who use combination types of these pills indicate that they may increase feelings of hunger. However, this effect is difficult to confirm since weight changes can occur as part of aging in women in general.

For its part, the US National Library of Medicine talked about some of the reasons that are likely to cause weight gain when using oral pills, including the body storing water or increasing the percentage of muscles that are heavier than fat, in addition to the high percentage of fat itself, but these results are not Still uncertain.

To avoid any unwanted weight gains, it is recommended to adhere to healthy lifestyles. Daily physical activity, such as walking or swimming for half an hour, can greatly help in maintaining the correct balance of the body. Drinking sufficient amounts of water daily helps reduce feelings of bloating and reduces false hunger. In addition, following a balanced diet rich in vegetables, whole grains, and fruits, and reducing excess sugars, salt, and saturated fats contributes to maintaining a healthy weight.

If you are concerned about the effect of birth control pills on your weight, it is recommended to discuss this with your doctor, who may recommend using another type of contraception or trying lower hormonal doses to see their effect on weight.

What are the different types of birth control pills?

The dual pill contains two main components, estrogen and progestin, allowing for a wide variety of choices. The user can select the hormonal pattern and dose that best suits her desire for the frequency of her menstrual cycle, allowing treatment to be tailored to her individual needs.

As for pills that contain only progestin, known as the minipill, they are limited to one hormone. Although the options for this type are fewer compared to combination pills, each pill in the box contains the same amount of progestin, and they are all active pills. In general, the mini-pill has a lower dose of progestin than a double-pill.

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